awakening people to their true healing potential ...
by teaching them how to use their intuition and science to make appropriate diet and lifestyle choices, allowing them to experience optimal health and a life full of happiness and bliss.
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After spending over $100,000 combined trying to heal our autoimmune conditions, we were left feeling confused, frustrated, angry, and disappointed, but worse than that, we were still chasing symptoms and feeling less than optimal. 

The medical system had no answers - other than take this drug and hope for the best.

The alternative system, while it was a step in the right direction, we still weren't getting the healing that we were determined to experience. 

Talk about frustrating!! We know and understand that the body has the innate ability to heal, but for some reason, despite all of our hard efforts, the things we were doing just weren't cutting it and that is why we do what we do - so that you can skip spending thousands upon thousands of dollars, trying to figure it out, throwing money away, chasing symptoms and getting nowhere.

Over the years our quest for health has taught us a thing or two about what it takes to overcome disease and to put yourself on the path to optimal health. We figured it out and it all boils down to two simple facts. 

The fact that we are all BIO-INDIVIDUALS and that getting to the ROOT CAUSE of all disease are two of the most over looked, but essential, elements in any healing program.

When we finally started listening to the signals that our body was screaming at us (think painful stinky farts, excess weight, and unsightly acne) and began looking at ourselves from our own unique perspective, we were able to give our body what it needed (mind, body, spirit) we finally began to heal.

It's truly amazing how easy this process can be when you stop guessing and start listening to your truth.

We love the fact that we can confidently share our discoveries, knowing that in doing so we are helping others who are struggling just like we have in the past.

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Health + Life + Soul Connecting Programs

Autoimmune Wellness Sessions


In person private coaching and yoga sessions for autoimmune warriors

Sound Therapy with Reiki Simcoe County Ontario

Sound Healing Therapy

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